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Skidangleboom - The Meaning


Ski-Dangle-Boom (abbrev; SDB)

(;noun? The balance in all things)

“I think the mix needs a bit more skidangleboom in places” I said to the sound engineer.

While listening to some of my favorite artistes, I realized that most had their own signature sound, word or phrase that made them easily recognizable. So I began creating my own, though coming up with something that hadn’t been used before was the challenge. I knew that whatever it would turn out to be, it would have to sound catchy when I used it in my performances as a Reggae Artiste. The verbal brainstorming process that took place next was insane! At first it was like I was creating and talking in another language that had never been heard before, though I kept going until I felt a good vibration of sound and word that ‘just felt right’ when listening to the potential winners through my studio speakers. Skidangleboom was born.

The more I used my new phrase, the more it evolved. People would be intrigued by the word and use it to greet me like “Skidangleboom! What’s good?” or they would get super gassed and finish off my phrase anytime I used it on stage.

Skidangleboom had become one of my aliases to some, which inspired me to question what the word should represent about who, and how I am as a person. One word stood out to me - ‘balance’.

My whole life has been based around creating balance within and for myself due to my physical imbalances. Having to think outside of the box to achieve a normality that most take for granted was my challenging reality. The negative affects it had on me caused frustrations and pain affecting every aspect of my personal, social and professional life, though my resilience and positive mental attitude always seemed to find a way to overcome, while inspiring others, and finding balance in my heart, body, mind and spirit to keep moving forwards.

Think about it, Skidangleboom is essential to everything! Our energy and approach to life situations, our diet and exercise, our style and fashion choices to the volume level we can comfortably listen to music.

At first I couldn’t understand why people were inspired by my way of being and thinking, though I grew to understand that so many people lack and need balance in different areas of life, most of the time not knowing where to start in creating it. Using my life experiences and abilities to help others find their own SDB, especially those with similar life challenges, wasn’t a conscious choice, it choose me. Maybe the natural healer and nurturing side of my Cancerian traits are to blame for how I give and live my life. One thing I’ve consistently noticed over the years is that, my life’s expression is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for others.

So what is Skidangleboom? Originally created with the intention of being a fun and uplifting creative expression, it’s now evolved into a lifestyle choice that anyone can incorporate into their life for positive change.

It has multiple uses and can be shortened to “Skiboom” or “Skidangle”.

It can be used to describe something or someone; “She’s got the Skidangleboom”.

Used as a parallelism; “good to bad, high to low, ying to yang, man to woman…”

There are many ways that being out of sync can affect our spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and material world, though fortunately there are many ways, including what I teach, to find our equilibrium within.

Welcome to my world of Skidangleboom.

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