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  • 11 - 24 year olds

  • 25 and over

  • dissafected young people

  • physically disabled


mentoring & coaching -
help you to achieve excellence

music development
bring your musical abilities to life
learn how to deliver confidently to camera
stage performance
take your stage presence to the next level
creative writing
express yourself through words

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availavle to design and deliver innovative workshops...


Zed Regal uses his vast amount of experience within the fields of Music, Massage and Media to help others develop valuable transferable life and creative skills.

Overcoming personal challenges to achieve the best possible results in the things we aspire to create or be, is something Regal is no stranger to.

His journey through managing and transforming the struggles of physical disability to one that empowers the mental, emotional and social effects have given him the knowledge and wisdom to help others better manage and overcome any mental challenges we all face to transform and achieve beyond what is thought to be possible.

With an open and positive mindset, creativity is a magical tool that can open up anyone up to make better use of their TIME.

Zed regal strongly believes, teaches and practices his philosophy that TIME works for our highest good when we use it to Transform, Inspire, Motivate and Empower ourselves, and others.

Through face to face, group and online workshops, Zed Regal creates and delivers fun, friendly, focused and a purposeful range of activities that add more balance to life, better known as Skidangleboom, which is a phrase he uses to describe achieving the balance in all things.


marie manser - youth information swindon manager


"i was very impressed with the way ZEd organised, delivered and the relationship he built with the students..."

"i would
strongly recommend zed regal for both musical workshops and for mentoring students."


"ZED REGAL HAS qualities that are needed in
face-to-face youth work and
specialised fields"

"young people are inspired by him..."

creative and dynamic in his approach, which helps young people to relax, have fun and develop.

"the students had doubts about their creative abilities, but by creating a purposeful learning environment and developing the students self-confidence they were able to achieve..."

"zed regal gave them confidence.."

james stevens - leader of music
churchfield school

"ZED REGAL has good sense of humour and is innovative in his approach"

"able to work with a diverse range of young people, and through his understanding and life experience is able to listen and help support young people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and abilities."