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The Author In Me

Sometimes it takes someone else’s belief in you for you to believe in yourself.

I can still hear the friendly, high energy American voice of my good friend and music mentor, James F Eddings, trying to persuade me to write a song. It happened almost every day for over 6 months! At that time in my life I had just started taking my healing and music ventures seriously, and all I wanted to do was compose music for my growing family of artists, and build my record label Catchy Creations.

Eventually I gave in to the positive pressure, and I’ve been eternally grateful ever since because, his persistent encouragement and belief in my abilities helped me to open up and explore who I am creatively.

I’ve always had a deep inner calling, and knowing, that part of my life’s purpose is to inspire, motivate and help transform the minds and lives of many, I just didn’t know how. Writing became another powerful source of healing, self-expression and manifestation that also taught me that, if I want change, I have to be the change!

In my exciting place of new beginnings, I now have a greater understanding of why my life’s journey and lessons have guided me to where I’m now sharing some of my most personal thoughts, revelations and journey through self-healing with you and the world in the form of my book, Peak Poetry – Connecting Forces.

I wrote it while recovering from a major surgical procedure to rectify an imbalance that has affected my everything, though once healed, will ultimately change my whole life for the better.

The name Peak Poetry is taken from, and linked to, a segment of my media production ‘Its Peak Unplugged’, while Connecting Forces is one of the titles in my book that also happens to aptly describe my life’s mission on so many levels.

Starting out as my daily writing commitment to self, this collection of poems has transformed into something like a self help book that assists the deep inner revealing and healing that is still locked away in so many of us. There is a strong spiritual tone emanating through these channeled words that have become a source of enlightenment and empowerment naturally forcing you to reflect on your own life.

Connecting Forces is so much more than just a book of poems, it’s a thought provoking experience that could be a trigger for positive change in your life, if you are ready for it. Though I look forward to your feedback once you’ve absorbed the powerful and mystic energies that seem to burst from the pages of my book.


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